My Introduction To Mustangs

As a child my family lived in Derry, NH while my Grandfather was still alive in Hollis, NH. We would regularly visit, traveling down RT101A in Nashua. At the time (this was the early 1980s) Coca Cola had a plant on RT101A. It was on one of those regular trips that I was introduced to the 1965 Mustang fastback. Apparently an employee at the plant had one as their commuter vehicle. I instantly fell in love and have been ever since, specifically with that body style. I always looked forward to going past the plant for years afterwards in the hopes that I would see that white fastback. I have no idea what options it had, nor did I know at the time (I was 6 I think) how to tell if it was a plane jane, a V8 or a hi po. All I knew was that was the best looking car there.

It's a love I continue to hold. I had a subscription to Mustangs and Fords for years. I can't justify an old Mustang as a commuter vehicle, but my wife and I have now owned 3 Mustangs - an '03 convertible and two '03 Mach 1s. All suffered the fate of young children - it's hard to drive a stick, tend to babies and keep the car on the road. Even though we don't have one now, we both look to the future when having another Mustang in the fold of our Ford vehicles is a reality again.