My Friend

In February 1973 I was 18 years old and lived in Southwestern Colorado. I was in nursing school and was dreaming of owning my own car, I knew just what I wanted. On the last day of the month we were released early from class so my sister and I went car looking. Our first stop was the local Ford Moter Company"even though it was not a Ford I was after. We went into the showroom and it was love at first sight! There in front of me was the most beautiful car I had ever seen. We asked the salesman about it. He said "That is the best buy in the house. It is a 1973 Mustang convertible". My sister and I went right to the bank and withdrew all of my savings and took it back to the dealership. I had just purchased my first car! It wasblue just like the Colorado sky. Well, needless to say that car and I became best friends fast. It could eat up those Colorado roads like they weren't even there. And on those cold, snowy mornings when we would be leaving work, it was the only car that started first time, every time. In the summer the top was rarely up, I would sunburn as we traveled those miles together. I finished nursing school and payed every payment on my car on time or sooner. Eventually I moved away from my beloved state of Colorado but, my friend came with me. I am proud to say that my Mustang and I are still together, still best friends. Whenever I drive it I can still see the mountains in my rear view mirror, still smell the sweet mountain air. It can still eat up the roads and it can still turn heads. Someday we will go back to Colorado together. I am so proud to show people my Mustang, to tell them It has always been mine. I love that car! Thankyou for building it and building it to last. I will always sing the praises of Ford Motor Company, because I own the very best car ever built by anyone. Thankyou so much.