My Fountain Of Youth

We have owned both Ford & Chevrolet cars, but I'd always said that my last car was going to be a convertible. However, there were no convertibles that I liked until my brother who works for Barber Ford in Ventura, CA called me one day in 2004 & told me "FORD HAS GONE RETRO TO 1967"! Being a handicapped, single parent of 3 & decided to ask my children if they wanted an inheritance or could I buy a 2005 Mustang! They told me to do it - that I "deserved it"! So, I called my brother & we built my 2005 Mustang GT Convertible! We watched to go from an order to a VIN number to being put on the train for NJ & then from NJ to Sunshine Ford in Newburgh, NY! The Monday after Mother's Day my car arrived (despite the sales people telling me it would be months before I would get my car)! That was the day I went from 60 years to 35 & even though I am now 66, when I'm in my wonderful car I'm no older than that same 35 years! This car is the BEST RIDE I've ever had & I trust her more than any car I've ever owned! And - I can get 33 MPG on long trips (20MPG local)! How's THAT for efficiency!!!?? Thank you, FORD for helping me find the "Fountain of Youth"!
I belong to MCA as well as the Mustang Club of Orange County in New York. Thank you again for I have met some wonderful Mustang people.
Sydney Bayer