My Fountain Of Youth

I'd always been a Chevy person, but we did have a 1978 Mustang & in 1988 my daughter ordered a new Mustang GT. After my daughter got married & had children, she sold her Mustang to her brother, who still has the 1988 & it's in Mint condition! I wanted a convertible, but none caught my eye! In 2004 my brother, who works for a FORD Dealership in Ventura, California, called & asked if I was still looking & then told me that FORD was going retro to 1967 with the Mustang! He sent me a picture & I had a meeting with my children about getting an inheritance or me getting the car of my dreams! My wonderful children told me to get the car! I called my brother & told him to make me a car he'd be proud to drive! We watched it grow from an idea to a VIN # & finally delivered to Newburgh, NY! It is the BEST ride I've ever had! FORD did fantastic when they created the Mustang! When I drive my 2005 Mustang GT Convertible I feel like a 21 year old & I just celebrated 69!! I am now a FORD fan! Love my Chevy, but if I could I'd drive my Mustang 24/7!