My Fisrt Pony

When I was fifteen (1975) a nieghbor had a 66 Mustang coupe sitting in their drivway .It had been there and not driven for seveal years.I asked the owner how much he wanted for it and he told me $600 dollars.At that time $600 was allot of money .I talked it over with my Dad and he said "Go for it".I started out cutting lawns and doing odd jobs around the neighborhood,putting my money away little by little.After a year in the spring of 1976 I had enough money to pay for it.Dad and I pushed the "66" to our house .I spent the rest of the summer visiting every junk yard in the area replacing worn out parts .I finnally got her running and did a drivway paint job on her.I had a absolut blast that year working on her.Unfortunatly I sold it two years after buying it,If I only knew what I do now.Well ,since then I have had several "stangs " and am presently restoring a "66" ivy green sprint 200 coupe with a pony interior.I am 51 now and am having just as much fun fixing her up as I did back in "76".Everytime I sit in her the memories come back as if they were yesterday.We have a 2005 GT also and it is a blast to drive but went I start up that sprint 200 there is no sound like it ,music to my ears.There will always be Mustang in my Stable.