My First Roush

By Doug H.

I had to take my 2010 Mustang GT Premium in for it's 2nd oil chance. While at the dealership I went up front to speak to the Accessory Manager about getting custom floor mats for my car, since I didn't like the OEM ones. While speaking to the Accessory Manager, the salesman that sold me my Mustang GT saw me and joined in on the conversation. After a few minutes, he stated he would give me free floor mats if I purchased the 2011 Roush Stage 2 parked outside. I looked at him and told him I couldn't afford it. He advised me that I could and made me a deal I couldn't refuse. So, I called my wife, had her bring up her 2007 Mitsubishi to have it appraised. She started to ask me a bunch of questions and I just asked her to bring her car to the dealership. When she got there, she asked about my new floor mats. I pointed to the Roush Stage 2 and said, the new car mats were in that car. She just looked at me. I told her the mats came with a car, and I need her car as a trade. She was unhappy or mad. We both got a good deal. I handed her the keys to my 2010 Mustang GT and I got to drive home in a new 2011 Roush Stage 2. Needless to say, the whole experience was a win-win deal for everyone. My wife and I are delighted with both our Mustangs.
Dave E 04/22/2012
Beautiful Mustang! I'd love to see your driveway.