My First Pony

By Cody S.

My first Ford also happened to be my first car. I was 19, and just after basic training for the Air Force I arrived at Travis AFB in California. I had been looking for a car because walking back and forth to work and getting rides from friends was more than an inconvenience, it was a hassle. My good friend owned a '97 Mustang, and I really liked his car. We went out on a Saturday to dealerships and none of the cars really caught my eye. At the end of the night we went to a lot on the base that has used cars, and it caught my eye. A 1996 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. It was black on black and sleek. I immediately knew I had to have it. After a night of thinking and a quick conversation to the owner about price, we shook hands and the car was mine. The car lasted me two great years, and it was truly fun. But it was just a little dated and after those two years I was ready for an upgrade. Now I own the 2012 Mustang GT, but I still miss my old '96. It'll always have a place in my heart.
Alistair B 06/17/2012
My first car and Mustang was a 1994 Mustang GT auto that was a Metallic Teal that i bought used with just over 40,000 kms on it.I had the car for almost two years and took it for a road trip from Vancouver B.C. through Washington State,Oregon,Sacramento over to Reno Neveda then returned back up the I-5 to Canada.I left Reno at 6 AM Thursday Morning and got back home Friday 12-30 AM just over an 18 hour return trip just driving and gassing up i felt like was 100 years old when i got out of the!It was a fun roadtrip Oregon and Nothern California have some truly breath taking beautiful scenery.I traded this car in on a new Silver 5 speed 2001 4.6 LTR Mustang GT i may not have love the colour of my first Stang but i had some amazing memories including almost hitting a boulder that was at least triple the size of my car coming back from Kelowna after overtaking a car transport on a very tight S curve,lesson learned.ha!ha!