My First Mustang

By Bob S.

It was 1967, December. Dad took me for a ride in the old VW, down to the ford dealer. I was 6. I remember the show room had a dark green mustang in the showroom with a C strip on the side. Was this our new car? No. But it was close. At the side of the showroom sat a dark green convertible, black top, white interior. 289 V8 with a 3 spd. How is it possible that I still remember this day and the ride home so many years ago.
It did not sink in at the time what this car would me to me. So many memories. Rides growing up as a kid, with dad and family with the top down, learning to drive a stick. Wanting to see the red horse light up on the dash that indicated that the high beams were on.
Finally, after high school dad moved on to his next car, another econo-box. The Mustang was now mine.
Well she still sits in the garge today. Sadly dad is gone now. His memory lives with that old car. It will never be sold. I will pass it to my son or daughter.
So what is a mustang to me? I've had a 1985 GT (my first new car), built and raced a Mustang in SCCA World Challenge, and hope to get a new 5.0 soon, and it all started back in December of 1967.