My First Mustang (Black Beauty)

By Ty F.

Hello everyone!
I am here to talk about my dream car. I've always wanted a Mustang, even since I was little. I have a Mustang Matchbox Car that I would always play with when I was little. (It was a 1999 Ford Mustang GT Lime Green, and I still have it!) As time grew on and I got my first 2 jobs (one as a 16 year old and another as an 17 year old), I started saving up my money for a Mustang, and I knew that I wanted one then. I was really excited when my friend was going to sell me his 2001 Mustang GT Convertible (silver on black with Flowmaster 44's and Tinited windows). I love that car, until he gave it to his brother and I could no longer get it. So, he took me to a car show called the Pony Trails, and I met a couple there that he knew that had my exact dream car, a 2001 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Triple Black (black top, leather seats, and black body) with only 63,000 miles! (She has also NEVER seen snow or rain in her whole lifetime.) I was excitied when they had offered the car to me after the car show, and just a few months later in August of 2011, I bought my very first Mustang all on my own! (I am 18 now, so I was able to get myself a loan with a down payment). The car does have a few additions like a complete exhaust system done by Magnaflow and a Classic Concepts Light Bar. The car has been a absolute blast to drive and I still grin everytime I turn the key and rev her up. My parents and all my friends like to make fun of me because I always keep her clean and running good 24/7. (Luickly, 2 of my best friends also have Mustang GT's and love to clean them like me). She has been named Black Beauty or Night Hawk (or even just My Baby) for her majestic look when driving through town at night. (We are known around town for going out for night strolls). I plan on keeping Black Beauty for awhile and adding a few additions here and there to make her look perfect! I'm really glad that Ford made such a great product that I can enjoy and have grin's on my face everytime I turn the key.