My First Mustang, An Ongoing Saga...

I was 5 years old in 1976 when I saw my first 1970 BOSS mustang and I remember thinking I want one of them one day. I remember drawing them with crayons playing with my matchbox 1/64 scale cars and cutting pictures out of magazines and saving them in my scrapbook. I went on to build several 1/25th scale models (that I still have) and got a couple of larger die-cast models of some Shelby cars. I had a friend in high school that had his brother’s hand-me-down 1965 coupe with a bent frame and one summer we spent countless hours and dollars restoring that beauty to its original luster, and the first time I ever got to drive that mustang, I fell deeper in love, and knew I would own one.

Fast forward to college, a marriage (to a beautiful filly named Lori for 19 years), 2 boys (Wyatt Dalton & Cody Hawke) and several vehicles later, and I looked and looked for almost 2 years trying to find a 68 thru 73 mustang that was in my price range, till one day, my wife made the comment, why don’t you look at the newer models, they look similar to that era of car you’re looking at. Once my eyes started paying attention to the latest designed S197 model, I couldn’t believe how much Ford made this new model look so much like the older style.

After months of planning and searching parts, and prices, making parts comparison spreadsheets (yes my wife thinks I’m nuts), I decided my best option to “get what I wanted” was to order it, and do all the modifications myself and make her MINE. And in March of 2008 I ordered her with every option but the navigation/satellite radio. I already had a lot of my design parts sitting in my house before I even took delivery of my mustang a month later. I was able to get into Ford’s vehicle forums and with a lot of help from the AWESOME Ford assembly plant employees and the order and VIN numbers, was able to track her and see where she was in the build process, until she was delivered to me.

I’ve given her the name of “Eye Candy” She’s appeared in a couple of magazines and she’ll be in plenty more shows this year. I got a top 30 out of 225 at the Horses & Horsepower Car show on the riverfront lawn in Louisville, KY, and she's had a full-size feature in the MCA (Mustang Club of America) national magazine.

She’s not a daily driver, but she’s not just a show-queen, I’m not afraid to lay down a patch of rubber, and drive her like I stole her…

The greatest upgrade is a Centrifugal charge cooled Supercharger and changing tire & handling combinations around to get it to go down the road a little faster. 475hp 409ft/lbs to the rear wheel.

next up... Ghost Flames! and some custom engine dress-up covers!
xplayer 06/05/2011
sadly am still dreaming about having one but not yet is possible!!!