My First Mustang

By Kyle A.

Well it was like any other New Years day. We were on our way to my grandparents house to have lunch and hang around with the family. When we pulled up there she was the black 1979 Mustang I had ask my grandfather and aunt about several weeks before hand. The car was my aunts first car and had been sitting in her yard for as long as I had been alive (12 years.) I ask how my grandfather moved the car to his house. He told me that he had drove it over. I said you mean it runs? And he being the Ford man he was said of course it runs its a Ford! I owned the car until last year when I gave it back to my aunt to restore. That car is the reason I am a Ford fan today! I have had an escort, sport trac, another mustang, t-bird, f150, ranger, focus, and a mazda tribute (ford escape) since then.