My First Mustang

By Luis R.

I bought my first mustang on March 19, 1999 a few days after my 19 birthday in fact my first car ever. It was a 96 beautiful 3.8 engine wine color with only 20k miles on it. Man! I had people wanting to race, People staring yeah especially the ladies. Needles to say My Car was a blessing never broke down on me my father and I always kept it up to date. A special bond working with the car. Never anything wrong. The only problem I had was TICKETS not the cars fault but I would like to think so. It lasted me almost 7 year till a bad car accident my wife was in, Thank God she is ok now So in replacemet we are bless with a Ford escape. I will get me another mustang not sure when but soon. Thanks Ford you make great cars. God bless you all!
Luis Rosado 12/06/2011