My First Mustang

When i was 15 my dad asked me what kind of car i wanted, and i said i wanted something old that i can work on my self. So we look and look and then in August of 2002 we find a 1969 Mustang Mach 1, but it's in pretty rough shape. Then we start restoring it, doing as much of the work as we could. After a little over 2 years of working on it in our back yard, i had a car i could drive. To this day it still isn't finished, but i can drive it everyday if i want, and i am very thankful that i had a dad that would spend the time and money on a car like that for a me. Working on that car with my dad has made me who i am today.
stu dunkel 12/27/2011
We still have our first mustang, a 1967 fastback bot new in 1967. We love this car, it is now a weekend driver. IUt has never failed to get us where we want to go. I,Ford, and variouos indepedents have all worked on this thing. It is so simple any one can fix/maintain it, that is the beauty of it. ......Stu Dunkel
Paolo Ortega 12/06/2011
I can´t afford a match 1 so I bought a coupe 69 in rough condition and i love it. So is not the price of the car Is the passion you put on it. Hi from Mexico.
Lee 11/28/2011
Love the Mach1, especially the 69' & the 1 or 2 years before & after that model. The body design a few years before 69' & I think after 71' were kind of unMustang looking but other than that, Mustangs namely the Mach, have always been eye catchers for me. Other than the Boss, & Shelby, the Mach1 is in my opinion, 1 of if not the hottest top ten cars of that period. Good choice, enjoy.