My First Ford.

I grew up on stories of my Dad's 1969 Mustang Sportsroof. The Silver Jade Metallic fastback had a V8 and a 4 on the floor. Well he got rid of the car long before my time, but being in a Ford family, I knew what I wanted before I was even able to drive. At 14 I started working at a local restaurant and put every dollar away. I had a picture of the car I wanted taped to the ceiling and I couldn't wait to save up enough. Well 2 and a half years and $11,000 later, I bought my 2002 Mustang GT, my own version of my dad's Pony. Now, my second year in college and 96,000 miles later it's still running strong. I'm really proud of my Ford. While this is the last Mustang I'm going to own, it definitely not the last Ford I'm going to buy. I hope someday I can help my son continue the tradition. Thank you for making such a great product, I look forward to seeing your company's products in the years to come.