My First Convertible And Customized Ford Mustang

By Sky P.

After 55 long years, I finally broke down and bought a convertible. Not just any was a humdinger with 4 seats, great gas mileage (22 in the city), a huge trunk and a fast, mean look!
I chose a 2005 Ford Mustang, or maybe it chose me, but whatever the case it was one of "24" Ford Mustangs built that year that was Redfire in color with a black roof, grey interior, V-6 and a stick shift transmission.
I have had the top up a total of only 14 times in 2 years...I go topless everywhere, night and day, and I love it. I almost never run the airconditioning and I live in Florida.
Well, on the car's 2 anniversary (longest that I have ever owned any of my 36 cars) I gave my car a make-over and customized the dull, blah, ugly grey interior and switched the black top out for a red one...check out the pictures.
I love my Ford, she's a real keeper!