My First Car - Also My First Mustang

By Mark H.

I was still two months away from my 16th birthday and getting my driver's license on Memorial Day weekend of 1989, but I had convinced my Dad (with more than a little help from Mom and Grandma) to let me buy my first car. My brother and I had gone to look at it a week before, and he, Mom and I went back with cash that weekend. Didn't matter that it needed a muffler, had an automatic (I've always preferred manuals) and would need mechanical, interior and body work. It was a dark blue '67 hardtop, had a V8 (2V 289), and was in my price range. Lack of insurance kept me from driving it much, but I OWNED it! I had my first car and it was a MUSTANG! My family has had mostly Fords since before I was born, but I've been a Ford fan and a Mustang addict ever since I was old enough to know one car from another. By the time I finished high school, I had rebuilt the engine and brakes, and had insurance on it. Over the next few years, I drove it to World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI, and to southern IA to visit friends, and to my then-girlfriend's prom.
While it is sitting now, waiting for better financial times in order to do some needed repairs, I can say I still have my first car... my first Mustang... and I now have a son who is interested in Mustangs.