My First Car

My 1966 Ford mustang holds a special for me because it was my first car. I received my license to drive on May 17, 1978 at 3:30PM. At 6:30PM the same day, I bought a yellow 1966 Ford Mustang coupe from my aunt's neighbor for $300.00. This was 1978 and the popularity of the first generation Mustang was just beginning. This was when you could buy a cherry 1965 GT350 for $4,000.00!

I wanted to put it back together and do a little massaging to the engine compartment (it had the 200CID Sprint package), but my dad said no. At this time, this car was considered nothing better than a parts car. If we only knew what passes for restorable today, we never would have sold this car to the junk man!