My Dream Car

By Erik N.

At the age of 13, my dad introduced me to the Mustang by showing me pictures of his 1968 GT/CS. Which he sold before I was born. He then bought me my first model car, a 1970 Boss 302. I was hooked. I assembled many more mmodels of Mustangs over the years. I had a couple of close calls for buying my Mustang, but those times were not meant to be. In 2013, the time was right. I brought home a 2006 Mustang GT, in Legend Lime. The funny part of the story of how Siren became mine, I stopped to look at a 1996 Mustang GT at a local Ford dealer. I thought it was unusually old model to be on the Ford lot. It only had 55,000 miles on the clock. I couldn't get financing on that old of a car. The salesman and I got to talking about other cars. They had many that I liked. We looked at the 8 newer used Mustang GTs on the lot, and I really liked the Legend Lime. We did up the paperwork and I drove her home the next day. After dreaming about owning a Mustang for 28 years, the dream came true. I love the classic lines of my car. With any luck and some patience, I will own an early Mustang. Maybe a '68 GT/CS like my father had.
Ford Social 08/06/2014
Hi Erik - Congratulations on your Mustang purchase! We are so happy that you have your dream car. Thank you for sharing your story! - Social.Ford