My Dad's Mustang

In the year 1971 we purchased our first Mustang, a 1966 6 cyl coupe. Had it for 3 years, it was stolen. We took the insurance money and purchased a 1968 Mustang V8 coupe. I still have the car today. It was used by my parents to go on many vacation trips and business runs as well. through the years it was driven less, Mom bought a 90 Mustang GT, and was lovingly saved. When my father passed away i was the new caretaker of the 68 car. At 275,000 miles the 289 finally gave out. Now the car is a these specs...302 V8 with Edelbrock heads, carb, and intake. 5 speed trans with the original 2.73 gears in the rear end. Great mileage and still a blast to drive. Just added a fresh coat of the factory Candy Apple red from 1968, car looks as good as it drives. Last note, Mom now has a 2005 V6 coupe, it definitely runs in the family.