My Broken Heart

my name is james and today i had to put my gt up for sale because of my cancer and i cant aford to fix it and its killing me this is my dream car and i love so much .ive never felt so alive but for when i was in it driving it down the road this cancer has now taken all that i love. this is not fare to my baby (i have loved are time on the road going anywere we want you were my boyhood dream and i found you but now i cant fix you i pray you find another boy/man that will love you as much as i do ) please pray for me god bless and thank you for your time
Jake Henderson 01/23/2012
Hope you get better soon and your pony will ride again
Sam Boswell III 12/31/2011
I agree with you a 100% Daniel Nunez. James I hope you get better and will keep you in prayer. That is a beuatiful looking Mustang GT
Daniel Nunez 12/23/2011
James, your in my prayers bro. I know how hard it is having to give up your closest friend, almost like a sense of betrayal. but fear and morn not my friend, cuz whom ever buys it from you will have that look in their eye. the look of love and care, look for it in their faces. You still have that look so look for it in their eyes and you will know that they will give it a good home, while you concentrate on getting better! You should also put in the bill of sale Possiblity of Buy Back.
My parents had the first mustang 65 I wish you the best in health and I know the next person who owns your car will love it just as much as you have GOD BLESS
I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. My next doughnut is dedicated to you! 1991 Mustang LX