My 98 Sn95 Mustang

Ive always like mustangs, perferable the 99-04 newedge model but never owned one.
Well last year i was driving a jeep cherokee and i hated it so i was trying to sell it. I had it selling for $2000 and people were interestede and there but no one really wanted it because it wasnt 4x4... well one morning my friend called me and said he just bought a 98 mustang and he didnt want i and would sell it to me for a good price witch was $2500. I went and looked at it and the motor was in great condition , the title was clean, the paint was perfect and so was the interior so i couldnt pass this Up.

He told me if i give him $1000 that i could pay him the rest monthly. So i got online and lowered the price of my jeep to $1000 and got a call a few h ours later then met up with the guy and sold it! We were both out all day so i didnt have the title on me and he didnt have the money so we drove like 10 miles to the guys house so he could get his money then drove like 20 miles to my house to get the title the the guy drove me 30and miles to take me where my mustang was waiting lol it was also funny because the guy sold his mustang that was the same model as mine to buy the jeep!

Well when i got my mustang i was instantly in love with it!
So far ive put a spec stagestage 2 performance clutch, a BBK performabe cold air intake, a flowmaster 4040 series, a light weight radiator, and a carbon fiber hood.

I plan to soon put a 8.8 rear end, new gears, tlok, staggered deep dish cobra wheels, tint the windows, headers and new dual exhasut.

My next car WILL BE A MUSTANG!

And thats my story:)