My '69 Mustang 302-2v Hardtop

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of the Ford Mustang. Since 2001 I own a classic Mustang. My Mustang was produced on May 19, 1969 at Dearborn for Ford of Canada. Sold on May 28, 1969 in Toronto, Canada by ELGIN MOTORS CO Ltd. The Mustang was exported to New Zealand in 1973 an imported to Germany in 1991.The original paint was Lime Gold with Dark lvy Gold Kiwi Vinyl Standard Bucket Seats now the exterior is red and the interior ist black. I love my Mustang!
I purchased a 69 mustang FB with a 302, 3on the floor, AC. It was Meadowlark yellow with black interior. It was a strong 302, 2barrell, 3 speed, which could outrun Mach 1, 351, 4barrell, 4 speed, any day of the week. I sold it 73, which was a mistake that I still regret. My Dad was a Ford Mechanic at the time and I ordered my stang in 69 and received it 2 months later. It was also made in Canada. It was a great car. Maybe one of these days I will get another. I have had 3 stangs in my lifetime, and the 69 was the best.
Martin O 04/08/2012
My first new car was a red 69. Paid just over $1800 for it back in Feb 69.
Maël P 03/08/2012
+_+ wow this car is wonderful !
Michael F 02/25/2012
Wow! :-)
Laura Smith 02/17/2012
Love your little coupe!! In June I will have owned my 69 coupe for 30 years.