My 66 Mustang

I ordered some parts for a 55 Plymouth I have and the parts ended up down the street at my neighbors.She called for me to pick them up and while I was there she said she had a old car for sale.I ask her what kind and she said she believed it was a ford.I was in a hurry and I said I may stop in sometime and see it.I had forgot all about it until driving by one day and I saw her garage door open.Inside I saw a red mustang.I stopped dead.I went in and ask to look at it.While looking at this beautiful red mustang she began telling me the story of the car.Her brother had bought it new in 1966 and went off to Vet Nam and never made it home.She had kept the car in her garage all these years.I ask if it ran and she said yes.Her husband reached in and put it in neutral and it fired right up.No smoking no noise just sweet sound.The insides were just unreal,No tears or cracks.It had 56,000 miles on it.I ask her why she was selling it and she said they were both getting old and was thinking of going to a old folks community of some sort and couldnt take it with them.So I ask how much she was asking for it and she replied 25.I said well its a nice car but I couldnt really afford that much.And then she said well I could go down to 2.300.And I said did you mean twenty five hundred? And she said yes.I said will you take a check? I bought the car for 2,500.
Cool story, I have the same year with the same engine and same color!
Patrick C 09/13/2012
WOW how lucky were you to find this car and get it for $2,500!!! Beautiful car!