My 35+ Year Love Story With Ford

By Mark A.

My Love Story with Ford started in 1976 when at the age of 16 I bought my first car, a 1967, Yellow Ford Mustang. I had my first official date in my 67 Mustang, went to my first Prom in it, installed a Boss 302 motor in it, and went off to college in it. I then sold it while still in college to continue my education.

My next car was a used 1976 Ford LTD with power everything. I used it as our Fraternity Cruiser. We would crusie the Sororities, take long road trips, and I even used it as a make shift ambulance once with it's bench seat in the back.

I have many more love stories with each of my Ford's listed below. More on that another time.

1976 Ford Maverick - First car I purhcased out of college as a poor college grad. It was three on the tree.
1978 Ford Courier - My first contruction vehicle
1984 - F350 4 Wheel Drive Truck - First Big construction vehicle
1986 - Mercury Sable - First car purchased after getting married, first, second, and third born children taken home from the hospital. Sold after 175,000 miles and no major repairs.
1993 Mercury Villager - First Soccer Mom vehicle for my wife,
1996 Explorer - First All Wheel Drive car for Mom
1998 Expedition
2001 Explorer
2001 Focus 2 door - My first commuter car
2004 Excursion - 4 Wheel Drive with Triton V10 - What a monster, so much fun for family outings. Dad's babby.
2004 Focus - First car we bought for kids to drive, also saved my daughters life in 2011 when she rolled it 4 times down the shoulder of a major highway. She walked away with minor lacerations amd a minor concusion.
2006 Expedition
2007 - Fusion - I love it, I commute 100 miles per day, and have 87,000 miles with nothing by regular maintenance.
2011 - Edge - My Love's it. I love it.