My 2000 Mustang Convertible 5.0

For as long as I can remember I loved hanging around the garage as my Father worked on cars. Hearing my Father and Uncle's reminisce about fast cars and days spent racing in their youth. The car I always dreamt of having was a Ford Mustang. In 1999 that dream came true while being stationed at Quantico Va as a Navy Corpsman. I picked out my very first 2000 Mustang convertible. It was like a dream come true. After my tour there I headed to Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay on the Island of Oahu. After being involved in a car accident (in my Mustang) I was medically discharged from the Navy. I rebuilt my Mustang myself and got hired at the base Auto Hobby Shop as a Mechanics Assistant. My supervisor turned to me one day and asked me if I'd be interested in an engine for my car. We had a 5.0 sitting in the engine room that was abandoned and it was going to be scrapped. It didn't take much to convince me to take that project on. So, one afternoon I comenced to doing a complete scrub down and rebuild of that engine. Once complete the 3.8 V-6 was pulled from my Baby. It took a bit of wiggling and new engine mounts, but the 5.0 went right into place. With only about a half inch to spare on each side of the headers. Once some modifications were made to wire in the new harness the Mustang roared to life. When I say roar, I mean ROAR! Flowmaster X pipe with duals out the back! One of the loudest, most beautiful sounds around. The only thing missing was the smell of a carbuerator. Ahhhh! When I drove my Baby people stopped and turned to see her. Even at Mustang events, people came to see what was under the hood. There I was, a Chick, In a 2000 Mustang with a 5.0 and I was the mechanic. Not that I did all the work myself. The guys in my shop taught me along the way. But this was My Baby!

Sad to say, when I had to return to New York, my Home, New York state said that my car wasn't legal here, so I had to sell her to someone in Hawaii. Someone who would take care of her and race her. We had a 1/4 mile racetrack on Oahu where people could race on weekends.

So, this is the story of my 2000 Mustang 5.0.