My 1st Car And It's My Dream Car

By Zech H.

So i am just you average 16year old wanting his dream car but the amazing thing is i got mine and it was free!!!! All thanks to my aunt and she gave it to me when i was 14 and i get to restore it and it's all parts matching and for those wondering what it is it's a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and it has a 351Windsor big block and it's a 4speed for now. The one thing i really love about it, it ain't going to be stock i'm going to ford racing for parts and what some people call overkill i call beauty cause i'm going all out with my car and i'm just hoping it comes out even better then it already is. P.S. i can't wait till it's done:)
Richard Upton 11/14/2011
My first Ford was a 1936 5 window coupe with a 48 Mercury flat head, Zypher gears, 3/8" over bore and a 3/8" stroke and a chopped top. Had more fun that was legal and some illegal. Now own a 2011 5.0 GT that I wish I had back in the 50's.
Ben 11/09/2011
Awesome, I am restoring a 1970 Coupe 'stang. 351C 2 Barrel. Have fun with your project!