My 1998 Ford Mustang V6

I'd never even hatched the thought of owning another Ford after my last one blew up in my face (literally). I'd been following the path of GM for awhile, but with my recent job at Ford, I saw what a joy it would be to own another Ford vehicle, not to mention the bonus of being able to have it serviced and maintained while I was working. So after many months of driving the family cars, I landed myself this BEAUTIFUL 1998 Mustang V6 (ZS trim) for only $2000. At first I was skeptical with it being 6-cylinders, but after reading up on it's history, I found there was only one previous owner, who was EXTREMELY meticulous about maintenance (CARFAX was 7 pages long). Not to mention this 3.8 V6 was a bit more updated that the earlier 3.8. Currently has 144K miles on it, and runs like BRAND NEW! Plus it gets me some pretty hefty amounts of attention, especially from the ladies...not to mention cops (no tickets yet, thankfully).