My #1 Bucket List Item

In the early '60's', When I was a young girl, I got to ride in a white convertible with red interior. I was hooked! I was IN LOVE! I thought then...someday, I will own one of those! Life moved on to my first car. It was NOT a Ford Mustang..neither was my next or next or next. I married and had 3 children and joined the world of mini vans...for the next 20+ years. My children are now grown. My minivan "died" and I looked at my husband and said...I Want a mustang convertible!. We sat out to find one. As we begins our search, we were often asked, oh, is this for your son. NO....this is for ME!!! We found a beautiful blue, 2004 aniversery model, convertible in immaculate condition! I am the proud, "mature" owner of this beauty. I drive with the top down anytime I can...cold or hot...I want to feel the wind in my hair. I even went to my hairdresser and asked for a "convertible cut". I cna't imagine ever driving anything else now. I am proud and happy to have my "bucket list" Mustang!