Mustangs: The Ultimate Pony Car

I received my U.S.Navy discharge in December of 1969, started my first full time job as a mechanical engineer (30 year career) at the "West Bend Company" in February of 1970 and received my ordered 1970 BOSS 302 on March 25,1970. I love this old Mustang and rebuilt the engine myself for it's 20th birthday. Its still strong after 40 years but gets less seat time since I received my 2011 GT/CS on July 9, 2010. This new Mustang is fantastic, faster and more comfortable than my 1970 with great miliage to boot. I call this my "New BOSS" as Ford is producing "world class" pony cars these days, and and I intend to drive both horses until they have to pry my fingers from the steering wheel.
Joy Dove 11/26/2010
Would someone please verify for me that there was a 1969 1/2 Mustang Boss 302. We took over payments from my brother when he went into the National Guard during Vietnam era. My son-in-law is a die-hard mustang owner and does not believe me that there was actually a "1969 1/2" model. That is exactly what it said on the title..... no kidding.

This was the gorgeous redish/orange color with the black stripe on the hood and the black loovers on the back window. Big BOSS 302 written on the side at bottom of doors. Big 4 barrel, 4 speed and would haul butt.

Please send me an email or, better yet... a picture of your Boss 302 to prove I know what I'm talking about. THANKS!!!! and happy mustang days !!
Kyle G 11/03/2010
He will probley buy that one too. Not like hes short on money.
william whitson 10/21/2010
i have been a ford man all my life and have had many of them.I was born in 1935 so w2ent thru the flat head ara and loved them all. I have had new fords and used fords. I loved to buy the old fords with over 100,000 miles put on new hoses and belts and show peple that they had another trouble free 100,000 miles. I am thrilled with whar ford is doing now and hope to drive them for years to come. bill
william 09/13/2010
Ouch! Should have waited for the new Boss
mark 09/03/2010
cool cars man i have one a 1965 mustangs