Mustangs Help With Family Connections

By Tom R.

My son and I have always had a connection with old classic cars. We would go to car shows and talk about our likes and dislikes, but we were always drawn toward the Ford Mustang area of every car show. We both loved the 67 and 68 Ford Mustang fastbacks as our favorite of all the cars. Shortly after my son turned 16, we purchased a 1968 Fastback. We worked on the car together to get it in good driving order, and it became a daily driver for him in the warmer months.

Working on the car together became a great way for a father and son to stay connected while teaching some of the basics about how cars work.

I love what Ford has done with the newer Mustangs and have owned three new Mustangs (2004, 2009, and 2012) since purchasing the 68. I actually like the 2012 best of all three for a few reasons. The gas mileage for a 300+ horsepower car is second to none, the Synch technology is awesome, and full glass roof is just like a convertible but without the wind noise.

Now that my son is off to college, I am thankful for the time and connection we made while working on the 1968 Ford Mustang and would recommend it to any father who is looking to make a connection with a teenage boy.