Mustangaholic!! Addiction Started When I Was 13 Years Old!!

I'll never forget my brother's first car. It was a Acapulco Blue 1967 Mustang Coupe with a 289 in it. It was the first time I fell in love!! Unfortunately because of his age, he was unable to handle the car and wrecked it. A few laters I would fall in love again. A neighbor of mine was selling their beautiful red 1975 Mustang II Ghia with a 302 in it!! After my brother, my parents were very against the idea of my first car being a Mustang. Luckily, I would talk my dad into looking at it and he would see why I fell in love. We took 'Sally' home with us. I owned Sally for 13 years until the rust became too much to restore her. I am only 35 years old and have owned 8 Mustangs (all at one time even). I currently still own my 1977 Mustang II coupe, 1995 GT convertible, and my 2003 GT Mustang with over 40 modifications on it that I not only drive daily and display at car shows, but race as well. I look forward to my next addition which will be the 50th Anniversary Mustang in 2014!!
Annette 09/02/2010
I would die for a 50th anniversary Mustang maybe you could have a drawing for one. I have never own one but have always dreamed of have a mustang since I was 16 i'm going to be 55 this year. Ford company in my number # 1 american car company just to let you know there is nothing better than a Ford!