Mustang, The Ultimate Dream. Live Forever And Prosper.

I am a newbie to the Mustang world. I will be 57 next month & I always wanted a Mustang when growing up but could never afford one. I had never ridden in a convertible but always wanted to have the expierience of the wind whistling about my ears so In the summer of 2008 I was in need of a new car & decided to live my dream of owning my first convertible. I dropped by Kentwood Ford in Edmonton, AB. Canada where I live. There I found a beautiful dark red 2004 Limited Edition Anniversary V-6 five speed standard Convertible Mustang. It has a deep tan top & interior & has 2 large grey stripes on the hood. This car is in pristine showroom condition. At the time of my purchase it had 53,000 kmh on it and to date Oct 12, 2009 it has just over 61,000 kmh so it still has very low milage & is still in pristine showroom condition. I never drive it in winter & it is always covered with a car cover when not in use. This car is a real head turner & gets lots of looks from other folks. It is a real gem & one I plan on keeping a long time. I hear that Ford is ceasing to build the Mustang after the 2010 Edition. What a shame. I would love to see the new Mustangs every year as they come out. Hopefully in 2014 which is the 50th Edition year, Ford will come back & make a real good Eye catching Mustang for that year. I would love to purchase one in 2014 if they do. Ford, keep the Mustang going. Don't let it die. You have countless Mustang followers who mostly have a love affair with your dream machine...The Ford Mustang...This is a car that can be very proud of it's heritage. Keep it alive for us and all future generations to come. Don't let our Dream Die!
john k 12/14/2009
I have a similar '04 Mustang with the 3.9 liter engine. It is a fastback with a few mild mods. It'll blow the doors off of the Super-charged Gran Prix and is very close to holding up to the 8 poppers out there. The only things I'd do to the 6 going forward are a turbo, a locked up diff (to keep it behind me), and some suspension mods (also for the power). I started it up this morning at 8 below ; started fine. It takes around 250 pounds in the trunk to keep it nose forward on ice.
Cam Schulte 12/07/2009
I read your comment to me about your Mustang ride & your notation that the Mustang is not going to stop being madein 2010. To me, that is a very big relief. I like my Mustang, even though I can only use it for 4 months of the year. This makes it a rather pricy ride, but well worth it indeed. Come 2014, I plan on selling my 2004 mustang, hopefully for a good price as it should be worth a fair bit by then. At that point in time, I will purchase a 2014 -50th Anniverary Mustang Convertible. This will probably be my last car that I purchase as at that time I will be pushing 62 years of age. Hopefully what you say is true, that Ford is not stopping the production of the Mustang car. I have quizzed my local Ford Dealership about it and the bestanswer I can get from them is. "there are rumors about stoping production, but nothing definete, yet."
Ray Ford 11/16/2009
I too love the mustang I have had a few 1969 shelby 71 Mach 1 now own a 1985 SVO mustang And love it .Mustang is a true blue sports car!
Fastback 10/13/2009
I share the same love of the Mustang as you have. I have a 1999 mustang with 150,000 miles on it and it could easily go twice that. It's such a fun car and you will be happy to know production is not ending on this great car! Long live Mustang and long live Ford.