Mustang Test Drive

My wife & I decided to look at 2011 mustangs, after going to 2 dealers & not seeing what I wanted, I went to Gene Messer Ford in Lubbock Tx to look at a mustang. I was greeted by a salesman, very nice. He opened the mustang GT up to let us look at it,Then offered me a test drive. Well that's where it all began, After sitting in the mustang & starting the vehicle up, I looked at my wife with the feelings of a 18 year old kid again, ( I'm 61)the sound was great.(2011- 5.0- 4 speed maunal) I was in heaven now & thoughts of 1969 again were in my mind. Well I test drove the Mustang for a little while (with the salesman in the rear seat) I was going to take it easy to get the feel of the Mustang, after going thru the gears & on the way back to the dealer I told the saleman & my wife I wanted to dump the clutch at 3,000 to see what it would do. Well I didn't as it wasn't mine to do this to, so I was going about 30mph & just nailed it &I was surprised to not only feel it take off but when it broke the tires loose & I hit 2nd gear just like the old days it broke them loose again I was feeling great. Now I'm hooked for sure again. Ford has not only made a great fast Mustang but it handles great & rides like a dream. ( I still have my 1969 mustang with the big block 390 4speed haven't driven for 30 years still covered up) Nothing can compare to this 2011 vehicle for all around driving. I want to thank Ford & Svt for allowing other people to take the drive & put the fun back into driving. Ihope to own a new Mustang very soon as my wife is going crazy with me talking about it to everyone. I was that impressed with this STANG, I forgot to tell you I still drag race fords 1969 fairlane & loving Fords Thank you very much for the good times again!!!!
Matt Williams 04/06/2011
unless it was a special mustang, 2011 five liters have six speed manuals