Mustang Surprise

My wife has always said, "My dream car is a Red Mustang Convertible". So for her 60th birthday I searched local dealers for this "Dream Car". I found the last one in So. Cal at Star Ford in Glendale.
I talked to the salesman for an hour on the phone to set up the deal for a new 2012.
So the next day, my wife and I went to Star Ford to just take a test drive in a blue mustang convertible. When we arrived, another salesman told us, "that car was sent to a show and was not here", but that a 2011 red Mustang convertible was up on the roof parking. When my salesman came out, he said, "the car did not show up on his inventory on the computer, but that he would go look on the roof where they stored the cars".
We were directed to sit in 3 chairs in the showroom. One of the chairs had a red balloon tied to it, so I had my wife sit there. After a few minutes we saw our salesman drive across the parking lot in a red convertible Mustang. My wife got up and said, "that looks like my dream car". We walked outside as the car came to a stop and my salesman got out and said "It was everything on it the you wanted"
Well, my wife then knew that something was up. She turned to me and said, "you mean we are going to buy this car?" I just grinned with pride, as I had just pulled off the "Mustang Surprise".
After my wife with the salesman took the test drive and got the instructions for operating the devices & the convertible top was lowered.
I handed my wive a CD for her drive home. I said, "put the CD on track number 19". It was "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. I followed her out of the lot in my 2003 Blue Ford Explorer. I got stopped by a red stop light before the freeway, so my wife got a head start on me. I caught up to find 20 cars blocking the 4 lanes and a red Mustang convertible leading the pack. Everyone on the freeway was checking out the car and the hot babe.
At this point, I knew I and with the help of the Salesman at Star Ford had pulled off the best surprise a guy could make. My wife loves her 2011 Red Mustang Convertible. Friends call her "Mustang Sally" Sometimes she even lets me drive. LOL
Gary Exley 04/12/2012
My wife wanted a larger car than her MX 5. I said try a Mustang convertible. She went to the dealer and ended up with a 2012 prem
race red V6 with saddle leather seats that had to be sent in from another dealer. Ever time she drives that car she comes home smiling. We always have people stop and compliment it when parking it. If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, get a red mustang for you wife!
Kimberly Urban 11/16/2011
Awww! That's the best! Great song selection! That's my favorite song of all time! Too bad she had to wait til 60 to get her dream car!
Barney 11/12/2011
What a great way to celebrate. Love it. Drive Safe!!
Catherine Ouellette 11/11/2011
Great story thanks for sharing !!
Nice story! I have a new 2011 Silver Mustang. The first guy I dated, a policeman named John O
leary had a blue Mustang. We dated in that automobile. No backseat to speak of, (and the gas tank was located there as a matter of fact), with a ride to rival a limo. It WAS cold up at the ski resort, (!) but I have always remembered that Blue Mustang, and finally I HAVE the dream car! My new car is a convertible, is super cosy, and I have compliments on it all day long. Couldn't be happier, and I will stay in a Mustang the rest of my life!