Mustang Pride Never Dies!

By John F.

You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.
I went the Chevy/Pontiac route in my young and dumb years only to be disappointed. After my first 1988 5.0 I drank the Ford kool aid, I was an all in Mustang guy. All I ever owned was a 5.0 from that point on. Even to the ridicule of all my high school buddies who owned their big shiny red Iroc Camaros with the big 5.7 liter engines.
I had the white 5.0 with the red stripe, I was the only Mustang owner out of my whole school at the time as a matter of fact. Yeah I was the guy who chose to drive a Ford, the black sheep. Funny thing is after a month or two of hard driving I would see these same guys, my same buddies, all out in their daddy's trucks only to find out their big bad Chevys were in the shop with the rear end tore out. I would just drive by, rev up the engine at them in my little white fox body and laugh. "YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A FORD BOYS!"
Some people never learn. Durability is what Ford is all about. I ran my 5.0 to the limit and beyond, I never had a major problem. "Tough" is the best word to describe my 5.0.
I was faster than those guys wit a 2.73 gear and that's high! Where I'm from, growing up, that's what we did on Friday night. It was 1/4 mile time, we had it marked off with a look out on each end. The whole town was there, parked on the shoulder to each side of the road. I found my "magic in a bottle" when I dropped a 3.73 gear in the white fox body. Now this was back in my younger more immature days mind you, lol.
I was so disappointed when the 5.0 era came to an end. The toughest engine "pound for pound" in its class......was gone. I was still in the Ford cult but the 4.6 was not the same, nowhere near. The 5.0 was the David that wiped out all the Chevy 5.7 Goliaths back in the day.
It was a long time coming, a long time, but "pure genius" to bring back the new and improved 5.0. It was like the old 5.0 was back and on steroids! The absolute best move Ford has ever made!  I will say it again "pure genius" for Ford to make this move! I have an 11 year old and 9 year old sons, Camaro is a "bad word" to them! I guess I have taught them well. It's true, Mustang pride never dies.

Michael A 10/27/2013
Mustang is America's true Muscle Car!