Mustang Maniac

The first time I drove a Mustang my heart galloped. I had always admired the sheer beauty of the car but when I got my license and was able to get behind the wheel of one, my car search ended before it started. The Mustang had it all: the look, the power and the history. A little more than a year ago I got my dream car, a 2010 Ford Mustang. The 45-minute commute to school is a mere short cruise. Even when I'm sitting in traffic I keep my cool because I'm in my Mustang. My friends always know it’s me when I'm driving through town because my white Mustang with a black racing stripe is such a standout. Flashing a thumbs-up and smile as I drive by another fellow Mustang owner always puts a smile on my face. Thanks to the Mustang I not only discovered my dream car at the age of 20 but, I am able to drive my dream car every day and will continue to drive it for many miles to come, thanks Ford!