Mustang Fever

Back in 2006, when the 4th edition came out, fell in love all over again, with the Mustang. I bought 2006 V-6 Vista Blue Mustang. Then, Mustang fever came on. I was trying to get a hood scoop, dual exhaust, and went to a local ford dealership. Told them what I wanted, and stay with the same color (Vista Blue). And they showed me the 45th Anniversary Edition. Had everything I was going to do, plus some. Told the dealer "Sold". I love my Stang. It has won 5 awards (3-1st place, and 2-3rd place), this year, for daily driver, and best coupe.
Jay S 08/22/2013
Like your story ... and the car looks great!  Enjoy!
RICK S 11/23/2012
Agreed, beautiful Mustang, I had a "Brilliant Silver" 45th just like yours. They are GREAT cars.
Rick S.