Mustang Dream

My name is Alyssa. Nobody special. Just a small town girl living in Oregon. But, I have big dream. It is something I have dreamt about since I was in the 4th grade when I was just cutting out pictures in magazines and saw it. The Mustang. Since then, I have been just about the biggest female Ford enthusiast you have ever met. I have my wall covered in a collage I made all from Mustang Monthly pictures, a calender of Mustangs, binders with pictures of my favorites, and lots of friends tired of hearing about the latest Ford and Mustang updates. When I saw the 2011 Mustang my jaw dropped. 31 mpg?! That's better than the Honda I drive now! I freaked out. And so my dream, my plan, my goal came to be. In 2013 I will go into the dealership and drive off the lot with my 2011 v6 mustang. I have looked into the money I need to be making. Although others have doubted my ability to have a job and make enough to pay for the monthly payment, gas, and insurance, I do not. I am aware of the difficulty of getting a job (I've applied to near 40 in the past year), but I've never wanted anything so much in my life. And it will happen. I will get the stylish, reliable, (and now) practical car I need in college. Thank you Ford, for being my inspiration to never give up on something I believe in.