Mustang Bunny

By John W.

This weekend, my mother came to visit.  The weather was pretty outside so I decieded to clean her 2004 Ford Mustang for her.  Mom's Mustang is well used. She is always in it as her job keeps her on the road.  When I put the key in the ignigtion, the odometer displayed 358K and some change.  She literally drives the wheels off of this car as she is on her 5th set of tires.  The car is like the energizer bunny.  It keeps going and going and going. I keep telling her that she needs to get her another car because I am scared that she is going to be stranded on the road somewhere. She keeps saying "I like my Mustang", and "it will get me where I need to go."  Wow, you would think some Ford dealership would jump all over this story for a commercial testimonial.  Who knows, maybe worth an upgrade?