Mustang Babies

My dad is a Ford guy through and through. No other car is good enough. As soon as we (his 4 kids) started moving out, he transitioned from minivans and 4 doors to Mustangs. At one point he had 5 mustangs parked in his driveway - his, my mom's, my 2 brothers' and my brother-in-law's. This car is my mother's second mustang, her first being a 1998 which my youngest brother is still driving. On the weekend of July 24, 2010, we had a family reunion at my parent's house. While my mom was making lunch, my sister and I decided to take our 6 month old and 13 month old boys outside to see what kind of pictures we could get. We couldn't pass up the opporunity my mother's recently washed Mustang presented. We set the boys on the hood and 2 more Mustang fans have been created.