Mustang Addiction...

By Tim C.

Got my first mustang in '82... a year after getting turned down for a loan on Boss429 #KK1311- at 18, banks wouldnt loan me 8500 for a old mustang :(
Anyway got a 69 302-2v, then a couple yrs later, idiot kids out throwing beer bottles tore it up, I put in the garage to fix up, life happened- its still there 29 yrs later. Bought a new 06 GT, 4 kids- not enough, not enough mustangs. Wife got a 07 pony. Saw the rearend of the '10 on the speed channel reveal, hated so much ordered a 09 the next morning- its stored away with 4 miles on it, for the day the 06 eventually wears out. if the 06 outlasts me, the kids can fight over it :) All 3 S197s are Vista Blue, the 69 is Acaplco Blue- wish Ford would bring that color back.