Most Reliable Vehicle I've Ever Owned

By John J.

My love for Ford start a few years ago when I got my first Ford. It was a 1989 Ford Mustang GT 5.0. It was an amazing car that had a 302 motor bored out to a 306 along with other modifications. After a bumpy ride with that I sold the car and switch over to GM for a while, I had gotten a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Granted the car had every feature GM had to offer in 2001 and it was a fun car, however it was the most UNRELIABLE vehicle I've EVER owned. I will never go back to a GM.
Now I own a 1996 Mustang GT with 180k miles, just as many miles as the Monte Carlo had and the Mustang still runs like a brand new car to this day! It's a blast to drive and for a car that's lived in Arizona weather for most of its life it's held up very well.
However recently she had to go into the shop for some work. On my way home from work one day the lower ball joint sheared in half and the front driver wheel snapped off and the car collapsed. No damage was done thankfully and she's now in the shop for new joints, bushings, struts, and shocks. I cannot wait to pick her up tomorrow to see how she rides! I've never owned anything that has got me from point A to B as much as this Mustang has. I would definitely trust this car to drive it across the US and back!
If the same thing happened to me in a GM I'd probably wouldn't be here to tell you all this story.
Thank you Ford for your quality and safe vehicles!
Joe Gruce 09/25/2011
Good to hear, but you live in a very "mild" climate. Here in NH, we'd be lucky to get 100,000 out of a Mustang with year round driving. I'm green with envy, enjoy.