Luv That Stang

Our story starts in Aug of 2006,My father who turned 75 yrs young on Aug 22 2006 recieved a call from
our local Ford dealer.They were calling to let him know that the new 2006 Mustang GT convertable that we had ordered had arrived.Dad had scrimped and saved for years to buy his dream car,but one thing or another would occur and it always got put off,until now.What a birthday present.But that were the story starts.Not quite 10 months after his birthday, dad found out he had a brain tumor and had to have an operation.That was bad enough but they told him he could not drive for awhile.Dad was crushed more about not driving than the inpending surgury.Good news was Dad surgury was a succes and the tumor was removed and was not cancerous.When dad was in intensive care my sister and I were at his bed side most of the time.The nurses would come in every two hour to wake him up and ask him question to check his memory.At first they would ask him if he recognized my sister and myself and he identified us as someone else.They started to get worried, until I wispered to the nurse to ask him what kind of car did he drive.There was no hesitation,a Mustang.We new dad would be ok.He's going to be 80 this year and he will never part with his stang.