Love My Cars

By Mike K.

I have a Boss 351 and a 04 GT, but my story is mostly about the Boss. I think the Boss 351 is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Boss mustangs. It s not as pretty as the other Bosses or have the racing pedigree of the other Bosses, but it was faster in the quarter mile - low 14 to high 13 sec. This was good for street racing in 1982 when I bought the car. Most new corvettes, camaros, or mustangs couldn’t run as good as me. They didn’t know what a Boss 351 was, which was good as it helped me pay for child support. Around that same time a muscle car magazine sponsored a muscle car shoot out at Bandimere raceway and I won the small block stock class. I got a trophy and got to kiss the trophy girl! Plus I ran faster than my buddy’s modified 1970 Z28. The difference between the 04 GT and the Boss is that when you want to have some fun the GT is much more sophisticated. When you take off with the GT, it smokes the tires, makes the right motor noise and goes down the road. When you take off in the Boss, the glove compartment door flies open, the car frame twists and when you shift into 2nd gear the tires start smoking again. Of course, you might end up being a ditch rider! There are other stories I have and I don’t want to bore anyone, but when I raced a Pantara from Silverthorne to Steamboat Springs , with my new, let’s do a “road trip girl friend” , we made the trip from 3hrs to almost 2hrs. She was scared and pissed off , but she later married me, so I think she had fun too. I still think the Boss is the most fun to drive, though I love the GT too! My name is Mike and I am sticking to the story.