Love My 2009 Mustang

My 13 year old Escort Wagon finally gave up. I considered a Toyota, just not very exciting. I finally settled on a 2009 Mustang and love it. I had a Thunderbird in 1960, with the lincoln engine. That T-Bird would pass anything but a gas station. Gas was about 39 cents a gallon. The new Fords are so much better. Streight hiway driving i can get 27 at 80 miles an hour. I love it, best thing about the new cars is no carb. I had to get used to all the electronics, mu manual was used a lot in the beginning. My new Mustang is smarter then me.
Richard Rhodes Yuma, AZ
Marty 03/07/2010
You rock Richard! I laughed out loud when I read that your Thunderbird passed anything but a gas station. I was born in 1960 but gas was cheap for a long time and I remember 39 cent gas. My home town gas wars driving the price very low sometimes. I'm Driving a 1999 Mercury Sable LS with just 68K actual miles. Forunately for me it has every option available for 1999, but I'm saving all the time for my next new Mercury. Best of luck with the Mustang!