Love Found In And With My Mustang

well it started one of my distant friends (female) her dad had a 89 mustang and i've always love them so one day i get a txt from her saying that her dad needed the money so he needed to get ride of it so i though why not it would be great project car. now needeless to say ive always like her but it all started when i bought my 89 mustang i bought it and she told me if i ever wanted help working on it she would love to help so i invited her over and we worked on it for hours on end it was great it made things so much better and well one thing led to another and we are now engauged and wedding is set for june 9th funny how things work out couldnt be happier bought a 89 5.0 mustang and got and absolutly beautiful soon to be wife with it. and i still have this car and plan to keep it and pass it down the family and also plan on picking up a 50th anniversary mustang as well since this one is the 25th anniversary it would only seem to fit to start our own traditionof mustangs