Lots Of Miles

I thought I would add my endorsement of the Mustang's reliability. I am on my 4th Mustang, 2006 4.0 Conv. It currently has 487,000 miles and going strong. I was in sales and did a ton of driving. I bought a 98 Conv and put 182,000 miles on it before I gave it to my son when he turned 16. Then I bought a 2002 Conv and put 330,000 miles on it before giving it to my son. I gave the 06 to my son for about a year until he went back to University to get another degree. The majority of repairs came after giving the cars to my son (no surprise there). I have kept this one so long because I never put 500,000 miles on a car. I no longer do all the driving I used to so the miles come a lot slower.
All the driving was done in the desert southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas). I have never touched the A/C units on any of the cars. I just replaced the water pump and radiator on the 06 and am looking at doing the bushings.
Other than that it has just been normal maintenance.
My first Mustang was a 1966 289 HP Conv. That one only made it to my graduation from high school in 1967. That's when I introduced it to some trees. This is one big reason I bought the 6 cyl this time around. I knew I would be giving them to my son and did not want to encourage repeating my mistakes.