Long Lasting Fords

When i was only a few months old my father bought a brand new Ford Ranger and he loved it and so did i. I remember once we went to get some sand for a project around the house and the truck was only a 1/4 ton and we got 1500 pounds in it and it ran like a champ. Just one of many great stories with that truck. It lasted 13 and 1/2 years for us. My dad always said he would have liked to write into ford to tell them how happy he was with the quality of their vehicles. but he never got around to it so now i am.
Now for my story. My eldest brother bought a Mustang Grande down in Indiana and when he brought it up here he gave it to me. but i was only 12 so i couldn't drive it and my dad didn't want to drive it to Milwaukee every day. So we just let it sit in the driveway for 4 years and it killed me to see it sit their but then just a month or two ago i said hey why not try to get the Mustang running and at first i thought it was going to be a big job. but all i had to do after 4 years was buy a battery and put some gas in the tank and she started up and purred like no other. So on my behalf and my fathers i would like to say thank you to Ford Motor Company. AND THE MAN WHO STARTED IT ALL MR. HENRY FORD!!