Like Father, Like Son And Then...grandson.

In 1968 my dad bought his first new car, a Mustang coupe with 289 and C4 automatic. He loved that car, ended up putting 200,000+ miles on it before being forced to sell it do to rusted out floors. It was the first car I ever drove, born in 1978 I was a decade late on seeing this car new, however that didn't stop me from driving it. When I was roughly 5 years old my dad pulled into a 7-11. He went inside, and left me in the Mustang with it running. I quickly jumped to the drivers seat and put the car in reverse. My dad ended up seeing me and getting to me before I got too far, but the love affair was on. Before I turned 16 I must have memorized every fact from April 16, 1964 on. All I did was read about Mustangs. When I turned 16 I was lucky enough to drive a family friends 1984.5 Convertible GT350. When I was ready to buy my own, I got my hands on a 1967 Mustang coupe, 289 C-code with C4. I loved that car and drove it through college. I then made my rounds with other brands, but now as finances have allowed I own a 1966 GT and a 2009 Shelby GT500. My son, who is only 4, drives a Power Wheels Mustang. All three sit in the garage, all in red. My son and I take weekly cruises in the '66 and my dad just watches as his son and grandson continue a tradition he started back in 1968.
Rhys Page 12/15/2011
what a nice story, very good