Life Changer

By Lee S.

Started out as a normal day, but when day turned to night, life would not be the same. It was April 1, 2005 and a few friends and I decided to go joy riding around the town. I always had a lead foot and the moment I saw my chance at schooling another car, I took it. Going 125 mph on a straight stretch outside of town seemed like a thrill all could enjoy. By the time I realized there was a corner ahead, it was too late. Trying to slow down only seemed to make things worse and rounding that corner going 90 mph set the back wheels sliding and I did what any amateur would do, over-correct. As the car went into a death pin all i remember was smoke from the tires in the air and than the air bag hitting me in the face.

I hit the ditch, approximately five feet deep and 10 feet across, i remember holding onto that steering wheel while being hit is the face by the dirt and shattered glass flying through the air. The car finally came to a stop upside down and 20-30 feet down from where the car first entered the ditch. With one friend not wearing his seat belt and all seat filled, I only imagined the worst outcome. As we exited the car we came to realize we only suffered minor bumps and cuts and everyone was fine.

Getting away with only a speeding ticket of $180 was nice, but only came from me telling the truth without a missed detail. From than on I promised myself to learn how to drive and to be smarter and safer for it only take a minute for something to happen, and a second to lose a friend.